Heart and Soul

If you got this far, then you might have found a heart that can’t be purchased.

Priceless, non-purchasable heart. An item of meaning, substance and love.


Paper hearts are made to make you and others happy. To spread some love and happiness in times of hardship.

You can leave the heart where you found it or take it with you and put it somewhere else in the public space.

It’s up to you - this is art for everyone.

So remember, if you make off with the heart and hide it away somewhere, then you are no better than an art investor who purchases artworks only for it to disappear in some freeport at some airport somewhere.

The artwork is then lost to humankind.

It’s locked away somewhere. No one has access to it. I’m fairly certain that this is not what the original artist intended for their artwork. All in the name of financial gain.

So instead how about making your own heart and spreading some more happiness and inspiration?

Project intentions are below and to support the project, you can make a donation.

For something more commercial and consumer-friendly, try a malleable and purchasable soul.








More examples.

Making Of

All you need is a Silhouette Cameo and you’re good to go! Or any other cutter for cardstock.

Silhouette Studio is the software that drives the Cameo. This Studio A4 template cuts all the individual hearts. The template looks a little like this:

Cutter layout for A4

I’m using 300 gm/m2 cardstock and once it’s cut, it looks a little like this:

Cardstock that's been cut

To layer the individual hearts, you’ll need some plastic. The A4 template assumes that the plastic cable has a diameter just under 2mm.

Heart of hearts: plastic pin

I melt one end of the pleastic so that the heart layers don’t slide off. Then I start layering the cake:

Layer Cake Heart

Once all hearts are layered, melt the other end of the plastic and voilà, the final product:


The final step is adding the magnets on the back but you might not need that - depending on your use case.

Hearts in the Wild







More images.

There is also a 3D Model.

About the Project

The aim is to share anonymous happiness: there is no expectation nor possibility for a response. It is part of making small changes to make the world a better place.

Additionally the project highlights that assumption that everything can be bought and sold. Money can’t buy happiness, money can’t buy these hearts.

The only way to purchase a heart is with your conscience: may you have guilty conscience if you remove beauty and happiness from the public space.

Finally, this project also tries to highlight how horrible freeports are for art. Artworks that disappear into these havens are lost to humankind.

Hearts are given, not demanded. - Gregorius Rippenstein


This project is in no way endorsed nor sponsored by any manufacturer of any of the tools that went into this project.