Pay for Procrastination Technology

Pay4Pro® technology has been refined and honed on the basis of research carried out by internationally funded myth-building co-operations.


A vast number of myth-researching groups have all come to the same conclusion on the correlation between the freedom of an ideas developer (sometimes known as author) and their respective financial freedoms (sometimes referred to as bank account). Research groups have concluded that there is an overall one-to-one relation between ideas and financial freedoms: the more financial freedoms, the more ideas.


This surprisingly simple relationship has been confirmed by many empirical studies. The correlation - commonly known as much money makes much motivation - has been found to be complete, correct and thoroughly great.


In addition, the icebreaking technologies extend Pay4Pro® to allow idea developers to participate in and occasionally fund events of inebriated intellectual intercourse providing a wealth of new ideas and headaches.


Pay4Pro® builds on the solidly proven BGB technology (aka Big Green Button) developed in the late 1990s. Engagement with the BGB is initiated using click-technology integrated into pointer devices. After that, the level of continued engagement, both financial and interactional, is directly related to the amount of procrastination enjoyed by reading these words.

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