Gregorius Rippenstein

International renowned artist and all-around good guy. Having gained fame with his boundless talents, Gregorius has now entered a phase of consolidation. After having been involved with many collaboration with other fabulous artists he has found his inspiration in the solitude of isolationist art. Incredibly this has transported his work and talents to yet another level of brilliance.

His exhibitions are renowned for being frequented by the rich, powerful and famous. Frequently booked out years in advance, his exhibitions have been known to be a melting pot of exclusivity and exuberance. Through this he has gained a world-wide following of brilliant and humble friends and fans.

Fans have been astounded by his closeness to them and willingness to sacrifice his time for them. Gregorius has spent a good deal of his assets in nurturing less talented and less fortunate people than himself. Through his regularly held lecture tour, he has taught many how to talk about themselves, write about themselves and love themselves. In addition to teaching “all-around goodness” - one of his core principles.

His works adore only the most top-notch museums and galleries around the world and some parts of the universe. He is celebrated as being the first artist to have been exhibited on Mars. Gregorius works are highly sought-after and enjoy the highest esteem and price. Their continued sky-rocketing in price and renown are unparalleled.

In his spare time Gregorius enjoys writing about himself, talking about himself and generally just being himself. His energised humbleness are an inspiration for a generation of new and talented artists around the world. Rippensteinism has become the absolute movement within, not only the arts, but also in all forms of science and decency.

His general good-looks have been the attraction of many a new partner which nonetheless has not come in the way of his close and loving family. He is the fortuitous and gracious father of six incredibly talented and amazing children.

Gregorius looks forward to continuing his inspirational work for others.

How can I be an artist without being art myself. - Gregorius Rippenstein