Sometimes people have the undeniable desire to tell a complete strange a story out their lives. Sometimes it’s related to something bad that happened to them.

They simply need to get their troubles off their chests.

They tend to do this because they might not have anyone else to tell their troubles to. Or they don’t want anyone with whom they might have further contact to know about their troubles.

Either way, what the storytellers mostly does not realise is that the unfortunate listener might then also develop a strong desire to get the story that they just heard off their chest.

Sometimes it’s not easy to carry a secret around with you. Especially if you never asked to hear the secret. Or that secret has particular bad influence on you.

What to do?

One possibility is to tell someone else about the story. But that would just be passing the buck onto someone else who would need to bear the emotional baggage.

Another possibility is simply to writing these stories down. Some maintain diaries of their daily happenings and some just write stories.

Ironically, to help others with their problems, it is helpful to publish these stories.

Anonymously of course. And what is more anonymous than animals?

No one should be alone with their mundane, everyday problems. And they are mundane and everyday since everyone has the same problems everyday - you are not alone.

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